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Our main goal is to provide a balance between your activities in real life and on the game, eliminating the need to do repetitive tasks and always be online. Our slogan is “Balance your life and Game”.

We at Genesis Auto Bot know that real life is important and you don’t always have time to be online and active playing Lords Mobile however you need to due to guild rules, activities and events that all impact your game. To grow and success in Lords Mobile you need to be training, fighting, building, researching and doing events etc which takes a very long time when your attention is divided between the game and real life. 

Not anymore, our bot will provide solutions to several problems by allowing your account to:
1) Automatically complete all daily & guild event activities
2) Operate 24/7 (Constantly)
3) Remove the need to purchase Gems or resources
4) Upgrade and research constantly
5) Shield and shelter your forces, Shield your castle and auto-recall troops from resource tiles when you’re being scouted or attacked

We hope that you use our bot to make your life easier. 


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