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Here’s the current list of emulators & platforms that we support :

installation pic.png

Andriod Emulator & website: 

     (1) LD Player 

     (2) MEMU 

     (3) Genymotion

     (4) Nox Player

     (5) Droid4X

     (6) KO Player

Here are the installation tutorials for each of the emulators we support from start to finish: 

(1) Using the LD Player Andriod Emulator (Windows)

(2) Using the MEMU Andriod Emulator (Windows)

(3) Using the Genymotion Andriod Emulator (Windows/MAC)

(4) Using the Nox Andriod Emulator (Windows/MAC)

(5) Using the Droid4X Andriod Emulator (Windows/MAC)

(6) Using the KO Player Andriod Emulator (Windows/MAC)

AutoBot Startup.png

How to set up AutoBot on an android emulator:
1. Download and install the Android emulator of your choice from the links at the top of the page
2. Download the AutoBot APK: 
4. Start the emulator, log into your google account and download Lords Mobile.
5. Start the Lords Mobile game to check game is running normally
6. Close any option applications and return to the main screen
7. Drag and drop the AutoBot APK file into your emulator, it should install automatically after that
8. Run the application
9. Enter your licence key (test key available from “Read Me” & “License Key”.docx files)
10. Change the settings based on your individual needs
11. Click the “Start” button at the bottom to start, it will exit out of the application and minimise itself to the top right of the screen
12. Click the icon and click the play button to start the bot

(1) If you wish to stop the bot at any time simply click the icon and click the stop button.
(2) If you wish to edit the settings simply stop the application using the button and then click the settings button after clicking the icon.
(3) When auto-resource gathering, you’ll need to manually gather resources for the first time, after that it will work.