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Frequently Asked Question

(1) Question: How do I get a free trial to test the bot and the account switcher?  

Answer: Yes, we do offer an unlimited free trial to test our bot. Please visit the download or Installation page to find instructions on how to install and test our bot for free. If you want to get personal 24 hours key for test, please add our LINE ID: genesis_autobot2 to get it. 1 person only get 1 time of 24 hours trial key. 

(2) Question:  How many devices can I use my single licence key on?   

Answer:  Any single licence key can only ever be used on one device at a time. Each instance of the bot will require a different, valid licence key to work. The licence keys aren’t bound to a specific device; however they can only be used once at a single time

(3) Question:  Can my account get banned when using this bot? ?

Answer: The answer is yes and no, let me explain. Due to multiple features we’ve implemented and the way that the bot works at its foundation it’s impossible (at this time) for Lords Mobile to detect our application interacting with your game, there is 0% risk. However, they can detect you based on suspicious activity on your account or if someone reports you which could lead to you being banned.
For tips for keeping a “low profile” and avoiding bans please visit the “Don’t Do List” page for more information

(4) Question: Your bot runs 24/7, does it auto-restart? 

Answer:  Yes, we’ve implemented an auto-restart feature to restart the game every 3 hours to avoid server-sided detection of our bot

(5) Question:  If the bot is running, can I log into my account from another device at the same time? 

 Answer: Yes, we understand that you want to check on how things are going or use the account sometimes. We have a setting that auto-reconnects every 20 minutes once it’s been logged out

(6) Question:  Do you provide new updates and features for the bot? ?

Answer: Yes, we provide free updates for as long as your subscription is active, and the bot works

(7) Question: Does your bot use OCR? How does it work?
Answer: We don’t use OCR, we use color recognition to determine what’s happening, this is faster and more compatible with other languages than OCR. Just another reason why Genesis AutoBot is the best bot on the market. 

(8) Question: Doesn’t your bot support the auto-switching for unlimited accounts? 

Answer: Yes, we do offer switching accounts .

(9) Question:  After I purchased, how long I can get the license key?

Answer: We will email the license key everytime within 8 hours period. Encourage buyer add our LINE ID: genesis_autobot2 to inform us after each purchased, we will inform you via LINE after we generated the key.

(10) Question:  If I facing problems how do I ask for help ?

Answer: Yes, please feel free to chat with us as we provide the support via LINE ID: genesis_autobot2